2019 Virtual Race (5K/10K)

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We believe the Church needs more young people leading in ministry. A race is similar to developing leaders in the preparation, training, experiencing, and evaluating it takes for long-term success. We hope you are ready to join us by running a race and raising funds for the mission to empower young people in continually living and sharing their faith in the global communities they serve. If you want to know more about our ministry and how we serve local churches to dive in and engage their congregations to develop in their local and global ministries, please feel free to look around the website.

A virtual race is designed for you to be able to run from anywhere and allows people from all over to participate! You get to choose your own course and complete it on your own schedule. You could walk in your town, run on your choice of trails, or even run on a treadmill. You can do it by yourself or invite others to join you. A virtual race allows you to race others from across the country all while giving you the flexibility to choose when and where to run.

Why is YMI putting on this race? This race is designed as fundraiser for the mission of empowering young people to live and share their faith through service. Part of our method is designing ways for young people to learn about leadership and service through sports. It is very fitting to gather a group of people who are leading themselves to improve through the sport of running to raise funds to develop more leaders who love to share Jesus. Each participant will have the ability to raise pledges for the mission. We will provide material to help with the fundraising effort and give you specific instructions once you are registered.

When is the race? YMI’s first annual virtual 5K/10K will be during the week of October 19-27. You can choose anytime during that week to run and can submit your results and pictures as early as 9:00 am on Saturday the 19th or as late as 10:00 pm on Sunday the 27th. We will keep an updated results page so you can see how you are doing in your group.

Who can participate? Everyone! You can run this race all by yourself or grab a few friends and run together. You can also invite others to join you through giving to the mission of YMI. See the WHY section to find out more about fundraising while running.

Where is the race? The virtual race allows for you to do this anytime, any place, and at any pace! There will be select cities where there will be a local “meet-up”. These locations will be announced as the race week gets closer. If you live in one of these locations you do not NEED to be a part of this meet-up, but it might be more fun to run with others. If you wish to host a “meet-up” in your area, email us for more information.

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How much is this race? The registration for the race is $40.

What is included with the registration fee? Participants who register before October 1 will receive a shirt and a medal. The registration fee covers the costs of the shirt and medal and also allows for each registration to support the mission of YMI. We will also have prizes for different time categories, as well as fundraising amounts.

Ready to sign up? The link below will take you to our sports camp store where we are handling the registration. Thank you for joining us in this race!