South Korea

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South Korea

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South Korea, also known as the Republic of Korea, is a modern nation with a rich history. Once a united country on the Korean Peninsula, South Korea now is the southern part of a split Korea. North Korea, its neighbor, grabs many headlines here in the U.S. for its political views and relationship with the nations in the region. Regardless of what the media portrays, South Korea still very much desires to unite (when the time is right) with the North. Although it has an established Christian Church, Christianity accounts for only 30% of the overall population, making the sharing of the Gospel an important need.  South Korea is a wonderful place to serve alongside brothers and sisters in Christ from another continent while reaching even more people with the Gospel.

Ministry Description:
While in South Korea, your group will be sharing Christ while teaching basic English to children. Using curriculum developed by Base Missions and Awana Korea, you will run 3-5 day English camps. During these camps your group will have time for instruction, games, songs with motions, and a chance to share about who Jesus is and how He has made a difference in your life.

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Included in your trip:
Base Missions provides you with an opportunity to train and send your group on a mission experience that will be a catalyst for evangelism when they return home. You will receive a leader guide to coach you throughout your mission experience and 24/7 personal support should you have questions. Before you go, Base Missions staff will visit your site to make sure your ministry will be sustainable, effective, and impactful.

Food and Lodging:
You will be staying in a local missionary's home, a mission guest house, or church. While you are there, your hosts will prepare authentic local food for you.

Recommended Age Limit: We recommend sending people no younger than 15 to this location. 

Airport and Transportation:
Base Missions will arrange all of your in-country transportation during your trip, as it is included in the trip cost. 

Visa and Passport:
A visa is not required for this trip. A passport that is valid for at least 6 months after your trip dates is required. Passport fees are not included in the trip prices.

Please consult your doctor, local travel clinic, and the CDC (Center for Disease Control) website at for information on appropriate vaccinations for Mexico.

Sample price above is for a 7-day mission trip. Prices may vary upon location and number of days at mission site.

Image Ex Convento de Santo Domingo de Guzmán (Oaxtepec) Estado de Morelos,México courtesy of Enrique López-Tamayo Biosca (cc attribution 2.0)