Northwest US


Northwest US


The Pacific Northwest, a region known for its large group of people with no religious affiliation, is in need of more people willing to share their faith in Jesus Christ.  A fast growing region, more and more people from across the nation and around the world are calling this place home.  As a result, churches here are doing all they can to creatively reach out to newcomers and established residents alike.  The need is great and churches are looking for more assistance in reaching their communities.

Ministry Description:
Partner with a church as they reach out to their community through VBS, sports camp, or other relational evangelistic programs. Churches in the Northwest often need help reaching their communities in creative ways, and often lack the volunteers to run the events that may help grow their congregation. That's where your group steps in. By providing a week of enthusiastic help in ministry, your youth group can help a church grow in their impact for their community.

Included in your trip:
Base Missions provides you with an opportunity to train and send your group on a mission experience that will be a catalyst for evangelism when they return home. You will receive a leader guide to coach you throughout your mission experience and 24/7 personal support should you have questions. Before you go, Base Missions staff will visit your site to make sure your ministry will be sustainable, effective, and impactful. 

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Food and Lodging:
You will be staying in a church or a home near the location you will serve. All food and lodging is provided by Base Missions and is included in the trip cost.

Airport & Transportation:
Base Missions will provide suggested travel partners to help arrange your transportation. Your group is responsible for all transportation at the mission site.

Recommended Age Limit: 
We recommend sending people no younger than 13 on our domestic evangelistic mission trips. However, we let you make the decision on the age of your team members.

Sample price above is for a 7-day mission trip. Prices may vary upon location and number of days at mission site.