Base Sports: Sports Camps, Coaching, and Training

…next time you run across a soccer ball in your yard or see some kids kicking one around a park, remember, that’s a tool that Jesus can use to show His love to a family far from God. Trust me; I’ve seen Him do it!
— Josh Carpenter, Risen Church, Dexter MO

Sports camp is a uniquely fun and successful way to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to children and develop disciples. Adding a sports camp to your summer ministry creates an opportunity to share the Gospel with those who may not otherwise get the chance to hear.

Base Sports offers a range of opportunities to get involved with sports ministry with the goal of developing leaders in your church who can share the Gospel with kids from the community. Churches can host a fully trained team of coaches to assist in their sports camp, host coaches who will train your congregation, or run a camp completely on their own, while individuals can join us for a summer of sports ministry. We also offer training in how to use sports ministry as a means of proclaiming gospel to the world.

Our coaches are prepared in such a way they can run a camp and simultaneously focus on training people in your church to not just do a week of ministry, but to serve your church in ministry throughout the entire year! If you are here to become a coach or want to know more about our process of selecting coaches, please click on the summer coaches button below.