Embracing Ministry

In June 2015, a Go Team from University Presbyterian Church in Seattle, WA, traveled to Peru to serve our sister organization, YMI Peru. YMI Staff member, Lucero Serrano, helped her family host the team.

She shared this story with us:

While the team was training a church on how to use Gospel tools to evangelize, the children of the church were playing around, distracting their parents who were trying to learn.

I decided to give a small Bible lesson to the children so they would calm down, but the children were too energetic and wouldn’t sit down to listen. So, the Bible lesson became a practical Gospel lesson!

The one-tear cross is a simple story about a man who wants to go to heaven. While telling the story, you fold a piece of paper until the end, when you tear it once to reveal a cross.

I asked the children to listen carefully and do the steps with me at the same time. I told them that at the end of the lesson, we would show the parents what we also learned that night.

And they did! They were really great at doing the tearing cross. After the training, we had a big group of kids (between 6-10 years old) standing in front of the church sharing the Gospel with a piece of paper. Their parents were really proud of them. They even asked their kids to show them how to use the tool.

The next day, when the team was working at a school, one of the kids approached me saying, “Hey, Miss! I shared the Gospel with my friend doing the tearing cross!”

I said, “Great! What did you friend say?”

“He wasn’t sure, but he heard me!” the boy replied.

It was encouraging to see how a 7 year-old boy couldn’t wait to share the Gospel with his friends. He wasn’t afraid or ashamed of doing so, rather he was very, very excited to do it!


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