Trust and Fear


Trust is valuable. For instance, if you don’t trust a bridge, you don’t drive over it; or at the very least, you certainly don’t enjoy the experience. On a mission trip, trust is crucial: if you don’t trust your mission team, you and the people you serve will suffer; or even worse, you simply won’t go.


Kory was a participant with a big heart for God and others, but one task during training made him want to reconsider going on the mission trip at all: the trust fall.


Every other student fell backwards off the ladder, but Kory would not. He claimed it was impossible, that he couldn’t, and that no one would catch him. He was facing his worst fear – or perhaps worse, had his back to it. He wanted only to give up, to find and accept any reason which would excuse him from the fall. 

Immediately, Kory’s team rallied around him. Rather than accept his self-defeat, the team believed for him…and that made the difference. After affirming and praying for him, the team caught Kory as he fell backwards while standing on the ground, to resounding cheers. This inspired him to fall from the first step of the ladder, and the next, until eventually he completed the trust fall. 

Due to the confidence of the team around him, Kory was able to do what he never believed possible. This is why our training is so crucial: unless we are put into a situation from which we cannot succeed without the group around us, we will never grow…and trust is the ingredient which makes it happen. 


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