Grace Says YES!

Grace is an example and product of what simple faith and a supportive community can foster in a person’s life. Grace had never been on a plane before, let alone to a different country, when she left for South Africa to serve for six months. During her time there the relationships she built and trials she overcame left her changed from the inside out and with a greater confidence both in the Lord and who he has created her to be.

Grace entered into her time abroad without a clear picture of what to pursue long term, yet had always thought about and desired to go to paramedic school. Over the course of six months, not only has the ministry greatly benefited from her administrative and discipleship giftings, she has decided to move forward with paramedic school upon her return to the United States. Grace witnessed in South Africa what God can do when we give him our “yes,” and she is continuing to faithfully live it out back home. 


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