Relationships Matter

Each time YMI builds a relationship with a new missionary contact, we send a staff member to their ministry site to see the ministry, meet the missionary or missionaries in person, and share our vision to determine if the partnership is a good fit.

With Nita and Francisco as new missionary partners, I had the immense blessing of going to their home in Ecuador to meet and experience their ministry. My purpose was to build a relationship with Nita and Francisco and get to know them; from their upbringing to their current ministry.

At YMI, we want to know our partners well and for them to know us well. This enables our team or interns to know the needs of the missionary and for us to send people who we think will be a good fit. Our objective is to create an experience where both the team/ intern and missionary are a mutual blessing to the other.

As we were sipping delicious South American coffee one morning on their patio, I explained the purpose of my visit. I finished by asking them what their needs were and how we could best serve them and prepare our interns. Nita stopped me. Did I say something wrong?

After a pause, she explained that during their 25 years of being on the field, no one had come to their home to get to know them and ask these questions before. They were so grateful. It was in that moment that I realized not only how YMI really does offer something special that is unique to missions, but also how vital healthy relationships are in ministry as we work towards sharing the Gospel to all nations.

Desiree Meis, MAP Care Coordinator


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