Retirement Plan with YMI

Jim and Rita live 2,200 miles from the YMI Seattle office, but that hasn’t stopped them from leading 4 mission trips and volunteering at several Explore weekend trainings in the Midwest and East coast. Jim and Rita continue to support YMI monthly, and after Rita retires this year they plan to lead more trips in the future.

Seeing students grow in their faith while doing quality ministry is the reason they volunteer and donate monthly. “I believe it’s critical to mentor youth to become the godly men and women they should be,” writes Jim. “I love the way YMI does that by training them and then allowing them to put what they’ve learned into practice out on the mission field.”

Jim and Rita are key members of our YMI ministry. They're choosing to use their retirement to pour back into the next generation of youth who will be leaders in their church. Together, they join a network of ordinary people who make an extraordinary impact. 




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