YMI Brasil: Mission, Sports, English

Working primarily in the cities of Sao Paulo, Belem, and Manaus, YMI Brasil provides churches with the training and resources necessary to provide young Christians with the opportunities to lead ministry through their local church. Youth and college-age students learn to lead as they work with church leadership to provide weekly sports ministry, week-long English camps, and take these styles of ministry on mission to assist churches across South America.


Europe: Sports Ministry

YMI trained key leaders of five countries in partnership with Awana, so they may train churches to run sports ministry across Europe. These leaders ran a free sports camp in Germany for active duty US military families. To see what the US-based training team did on this journey, go here

Africa: Sports Ministry

In 2011, a YMI staff member, in partnership with Awana, trained key leaders of six nations in Africa. Today, as they have run sports ministry and trained others, more young people are leading sports camps, clubs, and tournaments that have impacts tens of thousands across the continent. The stories coming from the nations of Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Uganda on a yearly basis are not only inspiring, but demonstrate the power of sports in sharing Christ with others.


South Korea: Vision Camp

Each late December and January, YMI provides Awana Korea the interns and curriculum needed to run an English Camp in Orlando, Florida. However, this is no ordinary English Camp. This month-long event is designed to bring students from South Korea to the United States, not only to teach them English, but to also immerse them in US culture while introducing them to global ministries.


YMI Peru: Community Development

YMI is working to develop communities in hard-to-reach areas of Peru for the purpose of training up more young Christian leaders who can impact their region for Christ. YMI Peru provides education, agricultural training, medical assistance, and ministry training to the Aguarunas people in the Peruvian Amazon and the community of Puno, in the Andes Mountains. Additionally, YMI Peru assists churches in Lima, training and mobilizing their young people to participate in ministry across the nation.


Venezuela: Sports Ministry

In 2013, YMI Brasil sent a youth group from Manaus to Venezuela, for the purpose of starting sports ministry at a church. Today, a missionary from Belem, Brazil, who received training from YMI, is now assisting churches in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela as they train young leaders to run sports ministry locally. As YMI Brasil invests in Venezuela, even more churches in more cities will be impacted in the years ahead.