European Sports Training: A Conclusion


His name is Samuel, but he likes to go by Sammy. Sammy took the bus to sports camp. For two hours. One way.

Even though he traveled four hours on a bus, Sammy loves sports camp. You saw it in the way he acted and you knew it by the mere fact of him showing up. Why does he love sports camp? It was not only a chance for him to practice soccer, but he learned more about Jesus - who He is and what He means for him.

Last Friday, Sammy and others heard the Gospel. They heard it in partnership with the local church. This is what sports ministry is all about. The children came from far away and from close by, from German and from active duty US military parents. They were led by a Ukrainian, Albanian, Portuguese, and a German/American missionary family. It is amazing to see God at work through all of the nations that were represented.

It is our hope that this ministry will continue to grow in Europe even though we are home now. We know it can happen. We have seen it before in places like the US, Zambia, Tanzania, Brazil, and Venezuela.

We now pray that a sports ministry movement can begin here. We will continue to pray for Europe even as we begin planning for our next sports ministry training. We will be assembling a training team to work with Juca Cerpe, our National Director in Brazil, to host a training in São Paulo with countries from South America in December. Please be praying for Europe. Please pray for our continued sports ministry effort and the planning of the training for South America as well.

We want to personally thank you for your prayers and support during this ministry effort. We have seen your prayers at work and your donations have made this effort possible. As we prepare to train more key leaders, your continued prayers and support to this effort are appreciated. Your partnership is vital to our continued ministry and success. We thank God for you all and for what He continues to do in and through this ministry!

You can continue to view updates on our sports ministry effort, whether on the US or abroad, by following our Base Sports Facebook Page.