Since our inception in 2007, over 10,000 young people have been trained and released to lead ministry, reaching over 120,000 with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Now, YMI is working to increase our impact. By 2020, we will develop 20,000 young Christian leaders who will reach a quarter of a million people with the Gospel.

Developing these young Christian leaders is our passion. Why are we so passionate about this? The Church, particularly the Church in North America, is in need of more young people who are truly leaders in ministry. These young leaders are unafraid of sharing Jesus Christ with others, while being able to mobilize the Church, maximizing the impact made for Christ in the communities they live. Young leaders bring new vision and vitality.  Where there is new vision and vitality paired with experience and training, effective ministry effort can take place, growing the local church. This is exactly what the Church needs and this is what YMI intends to hand back to local churches as we work with young people.

How will we develop the 20,000 leaders?

1.       Increase training accessibility.  We have found that our training is valuable and effective in assisting the Church in developing young Christian leaders who can lead evangelistic ministry. Globally, our training is needed. Over the next five years, we will work to make our training more accessible so that more people can take advantage of it.    

2.       Add more ministry opportunities.  A great strength of YMI is our ability to provide specific ministry opportunities that allow young people to test their particular calling in ministry. As we make our training more accessible, we will work hard to add even more variety to our ministry offerings, so that each church or individual going with us maximizes their time for their own spiritual formation and for the benefit of the ministry location they serve. 

3.       Deepen partnerships.  We have some great relationships with ministry partners around the world and are a member of the Awana family of ministries. YMI will continue to develop and deepen the relationships we already have so that we increase our reach.

In nine short years, YMI has transformed from a volunteer-led, West Coast-focused ministry to a nationwide operation with global reach. Throughout it all, we have been able to maintain our distinctive culture, methods, and outcomes. We have a clearly defined mission: to empower young people to continually live and share their faith in Christ in the global communities they serve. We have a clearly defined method: we accomplish our mission by pairing training with authentic ministry opportunity, allowing young people to lead ministry and grow. These two things lead to a clearly defined outcome – what we offer back to the Church: more young Christian leaders who love to share Jesus.